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Getting Ready for Summer 2019

Getting Ready for Summer 2019
Now that Summer is fast approaching, it’s never too early to start looking at outfits and trends in which you might be interested.  Summer gives you the perfect opportunity to start looking into your new OOTDs. With the warmer weather, you can use plenty of different styles and accessories to create the best summer look!  We’re going to explore the biggest trends in summer bags this year, and we’ll make sure you’re completely up to date on the best swimwear styles.

Faithfull Shelby Woven BagFaithfull Woven Bag

Sometimes, the best way to add that extra umph to an outfit is to pick out the perfect bag or purse to pair with it. When it comes to summer outfits, bags can be a shared statement piece that emphasizes the style. Summer 2019 brings with it a few new bag trends and styles that you can add to your favorite OOTD.


Woven - Woven basket style bags are a new trend this season, and are the perfect way to make a Spring dress appear even more stylish. The natural material helps your outfits coordinate with the outdoors, which will match perfectly when it gets warm enough to lounge in the sun.  Some great examples are the Faithfull Shelby Bag and the Faithfull Frida Bag.

Beads - A hand-made appearance is a popular trend this summer.  Beads will dazzle anyone and everyone, and will make an artistic statement when combined with your summer OOTD.  Check out the Aranaz Cerise Bag to see what we mean!


Shells - Why not show the world that you love the beach by utilizing a few shells in your OOTD?  This trend is a solid way to combine summer, nature, and fashion to create a great bag. The Aranaz Kailei Bag is an excellent choice.

Juse Female Welis Shirt, Aranaz Bag, Levis 501 Shorts
We all know that Summer is about the beach.  You might also be planning to hang out by the pool during the warmer months.  If that’s the case, you’re going to need an excellent set of swimwear to wow the crowds.  This Summer, there are some specific styles in which you might be interested.


Loveshackfancy Posy Suit - This one piece combines all the most popular trends of the season.  With bow accents, soft floral prints, and a stunning fit, it’s a go-to when you’re making your OOTD for the beach.

Loveshackfancy Posy Swimsuit
Palm Top - Bikini tops give you the ability to mix and match your swimwear during the Summer, so you can always change it up.  This top in particular is perfect for that, because of its unique sash that can be tied or bowed to create an original look.
Riviera Bottom - This bikini bottom uses a popular ruffle style in combination with a soft floral pattern to create something truly feminine.  This bikini bottom can be used for multiple swim pieces, so you can create an even more intricate OOTD. 

Loveshackfancy Riviera Bikini TopLoveshackfancy Riviera Bikini Bottom

Are you ready for Summer?
Gathering the materials to craft your perfect OOTD can be a daunting task. Luckily, Wylie Grey has everything you need. Be sure to take a look at our swimwear, dresses and accessories to fill your closet this spring. Remember that your creativity has no limits. Show us your hot summer outfits!