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Look Good and Feel Good With DONNI

Look Good and Feel Good With DONNI
Sometimes, all it takes to tie together the perfect outfit is an equally ideal accessory.  This was the philosophy Alyssa Wasko developed when she created DONNI.  Alyssa knew that the possibilities were endless, and that she had real talent when it came to crafting artisan scarves and fashion pieces.  Wylie Grey is now carrying her line of work, and we want to make sure you know all about what makes DONNI so special.  Read on to learn more about Alyssa’s work, and discover how it can complete your outfits!

In Memoriam

Alyssa Wasko lost her father, Donald, in 2009.  Donald frequently called Alyssa his lucky charm, and after she spent her life being surrounded by that paternal love, she decided to honor his memory with her scarves.  
Alyssa had talent, and that much was obvious--her friends began asking for her scarves, recognizing the quality.  With time, Alyssa discovered that she was creating a full-fledged business.  To drive home the importance of her father’s memory, she decorates each piece with a small angel wing.  Donald’s memory is what breathes life into DONNI, and Alyssa plans to do all she can to keep his influence.

DONNI Highlights

Donni - Small Pearl ChokerDonni Beaded Choker With Pearl

What makes a DONNI piece stand out?  DONNI has a soul like no other, and presents an emotionally vulnerable aspect that makes their pieces truly special.  Accessories truly make DONNI what it is, despite also carrying other fashion statements.
Their jewelry, for example, presents a particularly unique handmade feel.  DONNI has bracelets, anklets, and necklaces that all radiate the warmth of summer.  Check out a few of our favorites:

Donni Beaded Sunglass ChainsDonni Turquoise Stone Choker

DONNI Pearl Anklets - These adjustable anklets are ideal for beach trips and lounging under the sun.  They’re crafted from freshwater pearls, and can be worn separately or layered for your desired effect.
DONNI Turquoise Stone Choker - Looking for that special pop of color?  These beautiful turquoise stones are reminiscent of the sea, capturing the essence of summer just for you.
DONNI Beaded Sunglass Chain - If you like to be practical and fashionable, this beaded sunglass chain is a stellar match for you.  It’s delicate, simple, and sophisticated in its design, but will also ensure your sunglasses will be safe.  Make a statement and be prepared!
DONNI Beaded Choker With Pearl - Obtain that beautiful summer style with this layered choker pieces.  Bright, varying colors surround individual pearls that will adorn your newest OOTD.  Use it to make the finishing touch.
Interested in shopping DONNI?  Wylie Grey is carrying all of these pieces in our shop, right now!  Explore your options for late-summer fashion, and realize what DONNI can add to your wardrobe.  And, this fall, keep a lookout for DONNI’s ready-to-wear line!