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All You Need to Know About LoveShackFancy

All You Need to Know About LoveShackFancy

As you browse our wide selection of fashion pieces, you will notice that we have a unique and select number of clothing brands.  These brands are not chosen randomly. Wylie Grey focuses on choosing the best, most modern, most creative fashion brands to date.  If you’re new to the fashion world, though, you might not be familiar with some of these brands. Today, we want to point the spotlight at one of our trusted fashion brands: LoveShackFancy.  You’ll learn all about the inception, introduction, and development of LSF. With this in mind, shopping for your favorite garment will be especially meaningful. See what it means to support the lovingly-crafted brands we love to list.


The sun is setting, filtering through the rustling trees of the forest, casting a magical glow over the scene below.  Rows of pristine white chairs line a beautiful path, an aisle, melting into its lush surroundings. Freshly bloomed flowers--roses, lilacs, tulips--are scattered across the landscape.  

Then, as the floating notes of Canon whisper through the crowd, maidens appear and confidently stride down the path, draped in silk and beautiful regalia, as they prepare to send off a bride to the love of her life.

This is the vision that inspired Rebecca Hessel Cohen to create her starter brand, LoveShackFancy.  

She was deep in her editorial fashion career when she began to illustrate her personal fairytale, designing the bridesmaid dresses about which she had always dreamed.  Her mother had instilled a love for vintage fashion, and as she grew up in the heart of Manhattan, Cohen discovered her true calling.


Cohen wanted to create a fashion line that encouraged femininity.  She knew that magical, fairy-style garments were her calling, and she refused to be ashamed while embracing herself.  In 2013, she embarked on a journey that focused on empowering women and young girls. That is where her story began, and Wylie Grey is proud to help in continuing to the next chapter.


Interested in LoveShackFancy?  Wylie Grey has listings that are sure to live up to your dreams.  If fantasy-style, flowing, magical garments are your style, we have a few suggestions for you:

Lillian Dress - This silk dress has been redesigned with a new and soft floral print, which is a trend that is carrying through the seasons of 2019.  Other hot trends, like ruffles and side buttons, adorn this garment. You’ll be a fantasy fashionista with the Lillian Dress!

LoveShackFancy Lillian DressLoveShackFancy Lena Dress

Lena Dress - If you’re looking for something a little more energetic, this mini dress is the most in-style way to reach that goal.  To add an extra bit of excitement, it can be worn two ways! It’s reversible, so you can outfit yourself in a flirty v-neck, or turn the design around for a dipped back.
Steph Top - Dresses aren’t the only garment that can match your fairytale dream.  With this 100% silk top, you can show off the latest fashion trends. Ruffles, a floral print, and puffed sleeves make this top a sleek but feminine addition to your wardrobe.

LoveShackFancy Steph TopLoveShackFancy Nanette Dress

Nanette Dress - This super girly mini dress is the definition of summer.  Puffy sleeves, light ruffles, and an elastic waist make this dress a beautiful feminine touch to any collection.
Erica Top - Make your dreams come true with this soft and gorgeous top!  A loose fit and gossamer fabric make it perfect for the summertime.  Ruffles are also styled with the latest trends in mind.

LoveShackFancy Erica TopLoveShackFancy Antonia Pant

Antonia Pant - These pants can be paired exquisitely with the Erica top mentioned above.  Silken with a loose fit, these pants are an ethereal addition to your summer OOTD.
Susanna Top - You can wear this lightweight, oversized top all summer, and pair it with your favorite shorts or jeans.  It’s a casual, slightly less feminine style, and provides a great way to add variation to your LoveShackFancy pieces.

LoveShackFancy pieces sell out fast, so grab these garments before summer kicks into full swing!  Check out our LSF listing page and decorate your wardrobe with specially designed attire.