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Transitional Dressing

Transitional Dressing

You know the feeling.  Checking the weather on your phone as you wake up, seeing that it’s in the thirties, and dressing appropriately.  Then, you walk outside during your lunch break to find that you’ve completely overdressed, and it’s a comfortable 65.  We’re in that period of the year when this is an all-too-common occurrence; fully transitioning to spring is a difficult thing when the high and low temps vary wildly each day.  How are you expected to properly plan your outfit when the season change is unpredictable? And what about that issue concerning the relationship between your wallet and a new seasonal wardrobe?  Well, we’re here to offer you a solution: transitional dressing.

Never heard of it?  Transitional dressing is a simple but underused concept.  Essentially, it’s the act of dressing for the transition season in a way that is efficient and affordable.  Most often, transitional fashion only requires your current wardrobe and a bit of creativity. Transitional dressing is the best way to tackle these wildly fluctuating daily temperatures without overspending.  In fact, once you start searching, you may be surprised by the fashion statements that are hiding themselves in your closet! Today, we’re going to explore how it works.

What is Considered Transitional Dressing?

Generally, you’ll want to think of clothing that is defined by these two characteristics: comfortable and versitile.  Keeping these traits in mind while looking for perfect transitional pieces will help you find the best fit. Remember: transitional dressing is all about saving money in a fashionable, practical way.  So, what do these two attributes do for your outfit?

  • Comfortable - Above all, your clothing should give you comfort throughout the day.  An easy way to do this is to layer your clothing. For example, wearing a cardigan over a blouse will allow you to remove the cardigan when the weather gets too warm for it.

    Versatile - Instead of making the dichotomous choice between shorts and pants, or long sleeves versus a tank top, your clothing should be wearable in plenty of different environments and situations.  You should be able to wear your outfit to work professionally, but you should also be able to make small changes to continue wearing the outfit as you transition into your night out.

    What kind of clothing constitutes each characteristic?  Well, there are plenty of solutions. You’ll find that many of these are already hanging in your closet.

    You can mix and match the articles in your wardrobe to see what works best for you.  However, it’s possible that you won’t find what you need to create the perfect transitional outfit.  In that case, Wylie Grey has the solutions!

    The Best Transitional Dressing for Spring 2019

    Wylie Grey has a host of clothing available that can be used for your transitional wardrobe this spring.  It might also be time to replace your transitional dressing choices that have been used year after year. Keep up with the latest trends, as we walk you through some of Wylie Grey’s most easily transitional dressings, listed by designers.

    Just Female

  • Rhye Trench Coat - This coat is a great early-spring addition to your wardrobe.  It can be buttoned and closed for warmth, but works equally as well in balmy spring temperatures due to its 100% cotton outside fabrication.
  • Just Female Trench CoatJust Female Rhye Trench Coat

    Potter Cardigan - This oversized cardigan can be worn over pretty much every outfit you can imagine.  This makes it an easily transitional piece of clothing that you can use for your professional business days.  You can also wear it over something a little more casual later in the day, when you’re ready to relax.

    Just Female CardiganJust Female Potter Cardigan Image

  • Maine Maxi Dress - This is a beautiful dress that can be worn all year as a great transitional piece.  Because of its sheer, lightweight build, it isn’t too hot to wear during the summer. But during those days with cooler temperatures, it can be dressed up with a cardigan or jacket.  Notice that our model is pairing this dress with some transitional footwear.
  • Just Female Maxi DressJust Female Maine Maxi Dress

    Tanner Shirt and Tanner Pants - Again, we’re showing you a matching pair of transitional dressing pieces that are made with lightweight materials.  This viscose outfit can be mixed and matched with any top or bottom, depending on how you want to use it

    Just Female PantsJust Female Tanner Pants

  • Pauli Jacket - This corduroy jacket provides warmth with a lightweight fabric, and you can wear it over any seasonal outfit to make it work.


    Dusty Coral Jacket - A jacket that’s great for any time of the year; this jacket is a great color addition to your transitional dressing outfit this spring.


  • Hazelnut Jacket - Along with the coral jacket, this suede piece is another option if you want a transitional lightweight accent.

  • Levi’s

    Slouchy Trucker Jacket - Our last suggestion is a denim jacket that provides warmth, but can be worn over a lightweight top or dress to complete any transitional look.


    Prepare for a Year With Wylie Grey

    It’s so easy to wear this transitional dressing during any event and in any temperature.  This Spring 2019, diversify your wardrobe by using transitional dressing. For more, take a look at our clothing listings, and discover for yourself what transitional dressing can do for your fashion silhouette!